Monday, February 28, 2022


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Ukrainian girls BEWARE the Alexander!

Spyware and malware!

From the U.S. edition of "The Sun" and thanks to same.

"RUDE ARMY Randy Russian soldiers bombard Ukrainian girls with flirty Tinder requests"

Article by Nick Parker.

16:59 ET, Feb 23 2022Updated: 17:54 ET, Feb 23 2022.

"randy: adjective - - Desirous of sexual activity. Sexually aroused. Ill-mannered."

"RUSSIAN soldiers began bombarding Ukraine yesterday — with Tinder messages looking for love."

"Ukrainian women in second city Kharkiv — just 20 miles from tyrannical Vladimir Putin’s vast invasion force — have been stunned by a salvo of admirers in uniform."

Undoubtedly those images contain some sort of spyware or malware that will infect your smart phone or other device. Can be used to spy on you without your knowledge. Even a machine when you think turned off can be hazardous.

This has been demonstrated to be a common practice on a world-wide basis of many intelligence agencies. Including undoubtedly Russian espionage and intelligence gathering organizations.

Again, Ukrainian girls beware the Alexander. And for that matter Alexei, Ivan, Mikhail, Oleg, Fyodor as well. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Do I EVEN NEED to tell you this?

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