Sunday, February 13, 2022


This is coolbert:

Gator = alligator = Florida ARNG.

Gators in Ukraine.

The story as seen at "American Military News" courtesy MICHAEL WILNER - MCCLATCHY WASHINGTON BUREAU.

1. "Florida National Guard unit preps Ukraine’s ‘tough and skilled hombres’ for Russian attack"

"hombre informal: GUY, FELLOW, MAN in the manly sense of the word." 

"In far west Ukraine near the border with Poland, at an Allied training center, there is a watering hole known as the “Swamp” — a small piece of home for roughly 150 members of the Florida Army National Guard who are gearing the Ukrainian military to protect itself."

One of those weapons the Ukrainian learning to use the SMAW-D M141 BDM. A bunker buster weapon single-shot, throw-away. Useful in destroying enemy fortifications and during city fighting. Solid structures rather impervious to American small-arms fire as might be found in the Middle East an antidote has been found.

"Also known as the SMAW-D, the M141 BDM is [a] dedicated man-portable 'bunker buster' weapon"

As to the cost of SMAW-D M141:

"The M141 BDM is quite expensive for a disposable rocket launcher; in FY2012, US Army documentation stated it had a unit cost of $17 867.83."

Further and as of only yesterday:

2. "Florida National Guard troops ordered out of Ukraine by SECDEF"

"The 160 soldiers of the Florida National Guard deployed to Ukraine since November have been ordered by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to leave Ukraine amid increasing concern of a Russian attack, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby."



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