Thursday, February 24, 2022


This is coolbert:

It has begun. Russian massive invasion Ukraine.

Massive overwhelming force evidently being used in a massive overwhelming manner. 

As best reported by the British tabloid "Daily Mail". Contributors [stay safe] to include: CHRIS PLEASANCE  and HARRIET ALEXANDER FOR DAILYMAIL.COM and NICK CRAVEN IN KIEV and WILL STEWART IN MOSCOW and RACHAEL BUNYAN FOR MAILONLINE. [image courtesy the Daily Mail]

"Assault on Kiev: Russian helicopters swoop above Ukraine's capital as Putin launches all-out invasion from north, south and east, with cruise missiles hitting airports and military bases, tanks rolling in and scores killed"

[click on image to see an enlarged view]

* "Russia has invaded Ukraine in a massive attack coming from south, east and north, both by land and air"  * "Helicopters have reached Kiev where they have seized an air base, and taken a power plant on the Dnieper"  * "Russian tanks broke through lines at Kherson, near Crimea, and were driving freely towards Dnieper River" * "But Ukrainians were putting up a fight around Khakriv, where Russian tanks and armour were destroyed"  * "Volodymyr Zelensky branded Russia 'evil and vowed to fight back, promising a gun to every citizen willing to have one while calling on them to donate blood to treat wounded soldiers" * "Boris Johnson branded Putin a 'dictator' while vowing a 'massive' package of sanctions targeting Russia"

Excellent graphics, images, video. Go see it all. 


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