Thursday, February 17, 2022


This is coolbert:

Here we go again! Deja vu constantly endless.

Over and over it seems. The long-lost gold treasure hidden during a time of war and just waiting to be found. Searched for but it seems never found.

So much of this. Thanks to the English tabloid "Daily Mail". Story by DARREN BOYLE FOR MAILONLINE and AFP.

"Treasure hunters are warned to stay away from Buchenwald after documentary claimed handwritten map points the way to hidden Nazi gold"

* WARNING: Contains distressing photographs  *Treasure hunters have been warned against searching concentration camps  * A documentary claimed secret tunnels at Buchenwald could contain Nazi gold * Buchenwald and its sub camps was used to house thousands of slave labourers * Much of the Nazi war machine was sent underground to avoid Allied bombing  

"Treasure hunters have been warned to avoid a former Nazi concentration camp after a documentary claimed Hitler ordered stolen treasure to be buried in tunnels at the site."

Gold is where you find it but it never seems to be found.

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