Friday, February 18, 2022

Guinea I.

This is coolbert:

Danish military the Gulf of Guinea? Danes?

YES indeed. Perform yeoman duty anti-piracy mission. Admirable.

From the "Military History Online" Internet website the article by Clare Fitzgerald.

"Pirates Attempted An Abordage On A Danish Frigate Full of Commandos And It Didn’t End Well For Them"

The Danish military has revealed that one of its frigates engaged in a firefight with pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, resulting in the death of four and another pirate suffering undisclosed injuries.

For those of you functionally map illiterate, arrow points to the Gulf of Guinea. Vicinity the African continental landmass,  Atlantic Ocean.

Pirates deciding to fight it out with Danish naval commandoes. Pirates foolish. Very foolish. 

"The pirates subsequently opened fire on the Danish, who in turn shot back, killing four of the assailants and wounding another. None of the special forces personnel were injured. As the motorboat sank, the four pirates still alive were taken aboard, along with the bodies of those who had been killed. The one who’d suffered injury was treated aboard the [Danish frigate] Esbern Snare."

"The Spanish, American, Italian, Portuguese and British navies have also sent assistance, training forces and ships to the area to tackle piracy, following a record 130 sailors being taken from boats in the region in 2020."

Hostis humani generis beware the Dane!


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