Saturday, February 26, 2022


This is coolbert:

What did I tell you people? My worst fears are confirmed. A blind man could see if coming and it has.

Radiation the Chernobyl Exclusion being released from the soil into the atmosphere.

As a result of so many military tracked vehicles of all sorts stirring up the ground.

From the Free Beacon.

"Following Invasion, Ukraine Says Chernobyl Radiation Has ‘Exceeded’ Normal Levels"

"Ukraine on Friday said radiation at the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant has 'exceeded' normal levels, the day after Russia invaded the nation and seized the plant, according to the Washington Post."

"'The control levels of gamma radiation dose rate in the Exclusion zone were exceeded,' a statement by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine read, attributing the change to 'disturbance of the top layer of soil from movement of a large number of radio [?] heavy military machinery [tracked vehilces] through the Exclusion zone and increase of air pollution.'" 

Now that the soil has been disturbed big time, continued movement of heavy tracked vehicles will only exacerbate an already bad situation. Turn the top soil to the consistency of sand. In years to come the radioactivity will be much more prone to be blown by the wind to far-off destinations.

Devoted readers to the blog I take no delight in knowing I was right!


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