Friday, February 25, 2022


This is coolbert:

Grim! Very grim?

As reported by Freeper.

"Ukrainian Military ‘Blew Up Bridge’ Near Kyiv to Stop Russian Troop Advancement: Reports"

"The Ukrainian military allegedly blew up multiple bridges outside of the capital city of Kyiv to stop Russian troops from advancing from Ivankiv, according to multiple reports."

"Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior Affairs said that Ukrainian armed forces blew up a bridge in Irpin, around 15 miles [about twenty-four kilometers] west of Kyiv, to prevent Russian forces from approaching the capital, NBC reported.

Irpin indicated with the black arrow. Fifteen miles [twenty-four kilometers from downtown Kiev. Close without question.

"The Ukrainian Defense Ministry also confirmed that troops exploded the bridge at Ivankiv, about 30 miles [about forty-eight kilometers] north of Kyiv, to prevent a Russian column of forces from advancing towards the capital according to CNN. The ministry said the Russian advance was stopped, CNN reports."

The demolition of bridges cannot be seen as anything other than a bad sign. Russian armor advancing on Kiev, apparently UNA [Ukrainian National Army] their efforts for naught. Capture of Kiev seen by the Russian as being of significance. Install a puppet regime obligated in a servile manner to Moscow.


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