Friday, February 4, 2022


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More on the Delta Force [?] raid that killed the Islamic State # 1 honcho Abu Ibrahim.

American forces having to destroy their own MH-60 helicopter. Chopper grounded and perhaps destroyed by an airstrike after valuable electronics removed!

Courtesy here the Internet web site "The Aviationist" STEFANO D'URSO and DAVID CENCIOTTI.

"U.S. MH-60M Helicopter Used In Raid To Kill ISIS Leader in Syria Blown Up On The Ground By U.S. Forces"

"What we know about the U.S. Special Forces raid on al-Qurayshi in Syria and the MH-60M helicopter destroyed on the ground because it was 'not going to be usable' for the return flight."


"Following the explosion, the Special Forces were engaged in a gunfight with a ISIS top lieutenant who lived on the second floor with his family. The explosion and gunfight contributed to the number of women and children among the 13 reported casualties, which official said were not due to U.S. weaponry. Several children were evacuated from the second floor, along with the other civilian family on the first floor that was successfully evacuated at the beginning of the raid."

Again, place the blame for civilian deaths on the bad guy who refused to surrender when facing overwhelming force. NOT Americans responsible and let it be known so.


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