Monday, February 21, 2022


This is coolbert:

Who would have ever thought it?

Pripyat. Ideal military training ground? Especially for urban warfare.


"In shadow of Chernobyl disaster, Ukraine forces train for a potential new crisis"

From "Stripes" the original article BY WHITNEY SHEFTE AND ISABELLE KHURSHUDYAN• THE WASHINGTON POST and thanks to all parties. 

"PRIPYAT, Ukraine — In a ghost town with soil still radioactive from the world’s worst nuclear disaster, members of Ukraine’s armed forces and national guard conducted combat training drills to simulate an enemy occupation in an urban area."

Additionally see this You tube video Ukrainian troops at work training Pripyat urban warfare.

"Ukrainian forces prepare for war in ghost town near Chernobyl"

"Amid the threat of a Russian invasion, Ukraine’s armed forces conducted combat and first aid training drills on Feb. 5 in an abandoned town near the site of the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster. Snipers fired at wooden targets in blown-out windows to simulate an enemy occupation in an urban area."

That appears to be a 120mm 2B11 Sani mortar being fired. A towed weapon any sort of vehicle can be a prime mover. Is cast iron, smooth-bore and fires a cast iron mortar bomb in the manner of Soviet era mortars?


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