Monday, February 28, 2022


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“The armed formations of the Ukro-fascists, realizing the hopelessness of their resistance, in their impotent hatred are destroying everything in their path during their retreat. They open fire on residential buildings, mine the area, destroy objects of civilian infrastructure. This criminal regime has showed its true face,” - -  Lugansk People’s Republic [LPR] head Leonid Pasechnik. 

"Lugansk Leader Accuses Ukrainian Forces of Using Scorched Earth Tactics During Retreat"

22 hours ago (Updated: 22 hours ago).

From the Russian controlled [?] media outlet Sputnik the original story [?] RIA Novosti  [РИА Новости]

"Lugansk and Donetsk forces, and the Russian ministry of defence, have repeatedly accused Ukrainian volunteer ultra-nationalist forces [Azov battalion?] of using heavy artillery against urban areas they’ve retreated from."

"Earlier in the day, the Russian defence ministry accused the Azov Detachment – an openly neo-Nazi unit of the Ukrainian National Guard, of using heavy Grad artillery to strike residential areas and a school on the outskirts of the frontline city of Mariupol, killing multiple civilians."

GRAD rocket artillery perhaps of the 122 mm variety. Not conventional tube artillery!

In the ancient and venerable tradition of "scorched earth warfare" a retreating military force destroying anything of value that can be used by the advancing adversary.

Azov battalion personnel supposedly high-value-targets of Russian special purpose units, Chechen and OMON para-military units.


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