Friday, February 18, 2022

Guinea II.

This is coolbert:


Gulf of Guinea! Conclusion. Black Death [Russian Marines] at work. As are the Danes doing, so are the Russian. Anti-piracy action!

"Russian Navy Rescues MSC Container Feeder from Pirates"

Once more thanks to the Internet web site "Military History Online" the article by Clare Fitzgerald.

Gulf of Guinea. Pirates thwarted!

Once more for those of you map functionally illiteate the red arrow points to the Gulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean. African continental landmass.

"The Russian Navy had to rescue the container feeder MSC Lucia after it was attacked in the Gulf of Guinea. The incident was confirmed by the UK-operated MDAT-GOG piracy reporting center, which confirmed the boarding occurred on the morning of October 25, 2021."

Pirate vessel, dual-outboard engine. Ocean-going? Hardly would you find me in deep waters in such a vessel! No sir! Image courtesy Russian naval sources and thanks to same.

Russian Marines in action [referred to by the German during WW2 as the Black Death. Russian Marines famous their battledress an all-black uniform]. 

Hostis humani generis beware the Russian!


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