Sunday, February 13, 2022


This is coolbert:

From the Enjglish tabloid "The Daily Mail".

A must read article with lots of images and video. I recommend all highly without qualification or reservation.

"Putin 'has decided to invade Ukraine on WEDNESDAY': Joe Biden will call Vladimir today in bid to prevent war. US and German spooks fear bombardment of Kiev is just days away, with Brits and Americans told to get out NOW"

* "Foreign Office updated its advice to tell UK nationals to 'leave now while commercial means are still available' " * "Officials reportedly believe Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine and may launch offensive next week" * "British advice comes a day after US President Joe Biden urged all American citizens to leave the country" * "The European Union on Friday told non-essential staff from its diplomatic mission in Ukraine to leave" * "Senior official said that the US is sending 3,000 more troops to Poland, to add to 1,700 already there" 

Read all options as suggested as distinct possibles by the experts. Black Sea hostitilies with the intent of making contact with Russian-speaking population vicinity the Dneister river in Moldova. The major Russian effort seen as stopping at the Dneiper, occupying that part of the Ukraine, installing a puppet regime doing the bidding of Vlad. Prelude to overt combat a massive "gray area" type of warfare to create a chaotic situation and panic among the Ukrainian populace. As in all instances click on image to see an enlarged view.


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