Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Kirby USN.

This is coolbert:

Incredulous! Indeed!

From the "Coffee or Die" Internet webzine the story by Matt Fratus. 


"Kirby Horrell served as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam for just three months before he went over to the Phoenix Program in the summer of 1970. The controversial CIA-sponsored program employed US SEALs with either South Vietnamese SEALs or Viet Cong defectors to conduct kill or capture missions deep inside Viet Cong territory."

I recommend the "Coffee or Die' webzine article without qualification or reservation.

Viet Cong [VC] defectors willing to take up arms in service of the South Vietnamese referred to as "Kit Carson Scouts". Scouts assuredly a great asset to American forces in Vietnam during the period of the Second Indo-China War.

"When he retired as a master chief in 2014, with nearly 47 years of military service between active duty and the reserves, he was the last SEAL with combat experience in Vietnam to leave the Navy."

Kirby in the image accompanying the blog entry carrying a Stoner 63 modular weapon. When used as a light machine-gun Kirby carrying one-thousand rounds of ammo!

Never thought it was possible to serve forty-seven years in the modern U.S. military. Thirty-five years normally the maximum amount of time allowed under current regulations and standards. Kirby had some special skill known only to a few that was a great asset for the SEAL's?


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