Friday, February 11, 2022

Ne & Pd..

This is coolbert:

Everybody prepare to chip in?

"chip in: verb - - To make a contribution; help in a small way; especially, to pay for a part of something."

"chip: noun - -  6a: INTEGRATED CIRCUIT b: a small wafer of semiconductor material that forms the base for an integrated circuit"

"White House tells chip [micro-electronic semi-conductors] industry to brace for Russian supply disruptions"

Thanks to the Internet web site "One America News" and the article by Alexandra Alper and Karen Freifeld.

To war with neon? To war with palladium? What is that?

"The White House is warning the chip industry to diversify its supply chain in case Russia retaliates against threatened U.S. export curbs by blocking access to key materials, people familiar with the matter said."

"The potential for retaliation has garnered more attention in recent days after Techcet, a market research group, published a report on Feb. 1 highlighting the reliance of many semiconductor manufacturers on Russian and Ukrainian-sourced materials like neon, palladium and others."

"According to Techcet estimates, over 90% of U.S. semiconductor-grade neon supplies come from Ukraine, while 35% of U.S. palladium is sourced from Russia."

All this in response to the Ukraine crisis. Diversify your suppliers they say. Should have been done a long time ago. Perhaps too late.

The manufacture of micro-electronic semi-conductors a critical industry with regard to national defense. Hopefully your reliance on foreign sources very scant. Indigenous production of raw material and finished product A MUST!

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