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OSCE =  Organization for Security and Cooperation.

It is only with with great trepidation I present this material. Source the Hal Turner Internet web site. Alarmist and almost hysterical headlines hardly helpful. The credence of Hal Turner always must be suspect?

1. "OSCE Confirms Massive Shelling and Mortar Attacks by UKRAINE Over the Weekend"

22 FEBRUARY 2022.

"The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) has issued a report showing extensive artillery shelling and mortar fire BY UKRAINE, against Luhansk and Donetsk this past weekend."


"The Russian government and the City of Moscow have, this morning, published a map for citizens showing the location of . . . BOMB SHELTERS"

3. "Ukraine UPDATES -- ***FLASH UPDATE 3:29 PM***"

20 FEBRUARY 2022.

"Shelling by Ukrainian Army forces against Luhansk resulted in numerous private homes being destroyed, and numerous civilian fatalities, including the infant shown above, burned to death."

As reported by the Special Monitor Mission [SMM] of the OCSE "violations and explosions as recorded" exchanges of weapons fire and incidents at the Line of Contact [LoC] marked increase undeniable. Never did a full and total state of peace exist along the LoC. Just an escalation many times now of a state of near-war that has existed for seven years now.

The die is cast? The game is afoot? The dogs of war have been unleased? Much bigger things to come and shortly? Worrisome? Sure.

P.S.: Several times in these articles a mention is made of "special services". During the Cold War era called "Dark Forces" by the Soviets. Referring to commands and units engaging in espionage, terrorism, etc. Activities of "dark forces" consisting of sabotage, assassination, etc.


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