Sunday, February 27, 2022


This is coolbert:

Devoted readers to the blog please do not think that my very recent previous blog entries here and here are exceedingly paranoid with regard to the danger Ukrainian negotiators face when meeting Russian officials.

Hardly is this the case. My admonitions not without foundation!    

From the "Weapons and Warfare" Internet web site:

"Budapest 1956 II". The Hungarian Uprising.

Hungarian negotiators invited by the Soviets to Moscow trapped and imprisoned.

"As the fighting raged, representatives of the Nagy cabinet, including Pal Maleter, a Hungarian army colonel serving as minister of defense, were negotiating with the commanders of the Soviet forces in Hungary under a flag of truce. Against all international law, and against every concept of military honor and dignity, the Soviets seized the Hungarian negotiators and cast them into prison, nearly decapitating the revolutionary forces with this one shameful blow."

See also from the wiki entry regarding the arrest and detention of Hungarian negotiators:

"On 3 November, a Hungarian delegation led by Defence Minister Pál Maléter was invited to attend negotiations on Soviet withdrawal at the Soviet Military Command at Tököl, near Budapest. At around midnight that evening, General Ivan Serov, Chief of the Soviet Security Police (KGB) ordered the arrest of the Hungarian delegation, and the next day, the Soviet army again attacked Budapest."

Negotiations YES. But the very persons of negotiators inviolate. As it was NOT in Hungary 1956. GOT IT!


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