Saturday, February 5, 2022


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As is apropos the Ukraine Crisis consider the comments of the famous Israeli military historian/theoretician Martin van Creveld.

"The Master and Kiev"

Extracted from the Martin van Creveld Internet web site and as POSTED ON FEBRUARY 3, 2022 BY MARTIN VAN CREVELD. All thanks to Martin.

"Whether or not Vladimir ('World-Owner,' according to one translation) Putin is going to march on Kiev I do not know. However, it seems to me that, having invested so much in making ready for such an invasion—propaganda, money, political capital, and all kinds of military moves—he cannot now simply order a retreat without having achieved anything. Even at best, such a retreat would deal a grievous blow to his prestige and his future ability to get anything out of anybody. At worst it might lead to his removal from office and, since Russia is not and never has been a democracy, a political shakeup. One whose consequences, first for Russia and then for large parts of the rest of the world, could be incalculable."

Consequences. Incalculable! Surely so without a whit of exaggeration!

See from a previous blog entry the comments of Bill Gates SECDEF USA on the matter. Putin has placed himself in a bad position? Unless he receives meaningful concessions he will be forced to move. Read the remainder of the Professor Martin article, military steps and measures how an invasion mighrt proceed. I highly recommend. When Professor Martin speaks we all need pay heed.

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