Saturday, February 26, 2022


This is coolbert:

See from one month ago [from 26 January] what our good friend Binkov had to say about a possible invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian. A possible which has become reality.

Video courtesy You Tube.

"Binkov analyzes various possibilities if Russia does end up sending its military force to attack Ukraine. How would the military conflict go? Where might Russia stop? What would the economic and political fallout be both for Russia and the rest of the world?"


* Binkov seems to have totally missed the possibility of Russian troops using Belorussian soil as an assembly area/staging point for an invasion of the Ukraine.

* Ukrainian reservists should have been mobilized two months ago at least. 

* Sanctions on exports/imports between Russia and the European Union [EU] can "bite" both ways. During the winter however because of energy imports the EU however more vulnerable.

* USA will not commit troops in any way. Too occupied with China.

* Prepare to see a world-wide [?] or at least a severe regional economic downturn as a result of the war.

* Worse case scenario for the Russian a prolonged Ukranian insurgency.

As usual, thank you Binkov. Your appreciations and analysis alway appreciated.


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