Sunday, December 11, 2011


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"Let there be light and there was light" - - Genesis 1:3

Came across this quite serendipitously. An actual life instance, an occurrence of power being provided to a city from a ship docked and anchored, the power plant of a warship hooked to the electric grid in an emergency situation as deemed.

As could have been done in the aftermath of the recent Japanese earthquake, the level NINE [unprecedented] seismic event creating a calamity without parallel. Electric power being totally disrupted, the basic essentials of life missing in totality.

1. "U.S.S. Lexington provides electricity to Tacoma beginning about December 17, 1929."

"Beginning about December 17, 1929, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington (CV-2) ties up to the Baker Dock and supplies electricity to Tacoma for a month to meet a power crisis."

2. "CV-2 Lexington Powers Tacoma"

"The U.S. Navy sent the Lexington up to a dock in Tacoma, Washington, and heavy electric lines were rigged into the power system for Tacoma and the Lexington's generators provided power for about a month"

3. "Popular Science   Progress and Discovery"

"Easily equal to the task was the Lexington's electric power-plant; any one of its four-generators alone was capable of supplying the current needed by the city. At Full power the warship's plant could supply the power needs of a city twice the size of Washington. D.C., Navy officials estimate. it would carry the simultaneous load of fifty heavy electric trains, or would light more than 6,000,000 fifty watt electric lamps. Full power is used to drive the ship at it's high speed, which is estimated at approximately forty miles an hour  - - almost as fast as the average railroad express train."

That American ANPP ship now mothballed, the nuclear reactor removed [?], no possibility of using that ship as an expedient or even more than an expedient. BUT the aircraft carrier George Washington on the scene immediately delivering needed supplies and also getting "dusted" with radioactive fallout during the mission MAKES ME WONDER IF POSSIBLY THE WASHINGTON COULD HAVE REPEATED THE YEOMAN WORK OF THE USS LEXINGTON - - 1929.

Was thought given to this? Are these American aircraft carriers "wired" in such a fashion so that the embedded nuclear reactors that propel the vessel in an instant or with a minimum of labor be hooked to an on-shore electrical grid, "juice" going from sea to land? Maybe someone should look into this!


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