Tuesday, December 6, 2022


This is coolbert:

Russian military airbases under attack. Believed to be Ukrainian drone attack.

Airfield Ryazan [Tu-22M3 Backfire] and airfield Saratov [Tu-95 Bear and Tu-160 Blackjack].

Massed Russian long-range strategic aviation assets attacked while on the ground. Aviation assets as firing stand-off missiles as part of the Russian "Winter Offensive" find themselves not so secure.

"Russian media report explosion at one Russian airfield, drone crash at another"

Story by TETIANA LOZOVENKO — MONDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2022 www.pravda.com.ua..

"A fuel tanker exploded at an airfield in the Russian city of Ryazan, killing at least three people. A drone also fell on bomber jets in Saratov Oblast."

"Source: RIA Novosti, Kremlin-aligned media outlet, citing emergency services; Meduza, Latvia-based Russian media outlet, citing Astra and Baza"

"Details: Russian media report that a fuel tanker ignited and subsequently exploded at an airfield in Ryazan. Three people were killed, six more injured. The news outlets also reported that a drone fell on a runway in Saratov Oblast. Two Tupolev Tu-95 bomber jets were damaged. Injured servicemen were hospitalized."

"Updated at 10:08: The governor of the Saratov Oblast assures that 'there are no reasons to worry.' According to him, not a single object of civil infrastructure was damaged. Information about events at military facilities is checked by law enforcement agencies."

"Background: Long-range Russian aviation is stationed at both airfields. The Dyagilyaevo airfield is located near Ryazan, and the Engels airfield is in Saratov Oblast."

Ryazan about 360 miles [600 kilometers] northeast of Kharkov. Saratov about 400 miles [660 kilometers] mostly due east from Kharkov.

ONLY several dozen of each type warplane [Tu-22M3, Tu-95, Tu-160] still an inventoried weapon deployable for combat, perhaps even on the international stage.


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