Saturday, December 17, 2022


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The Russian 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade Stationed the far north of the Russian Arctic [Kola peninsula] an elite Russian Ground Force component of which has been very active during the Ukraine Conflict has now been decimated and will need severe rebuilding before it can again be committed to combat.

"An elite Russian military brigade was basically 'wiped out,' taking so many losses in Ukraine that it will 'take years to rebuild,' report says"

Thanks to "Insider"  ^ | 16 December 2022 | Jake Epstein the tip from Freeper.

"An elite Russian military brigade suffered so many losses while fighting in Ukraine that it was essentially "wiped out" and is expected to take a long time to rebuild, according to a new report."

"When it was first sent into Ukraine, the 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade, stationed in northwestern Russia near its border with NATO-leaning Finland, had more experience, newer equipment, and better training than many other Russian units, The Washington Post reported on Friday."

But despite these advantages, the 200th suffered greatly in the months of combat that would follow.

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