Friday, December 23, 2022

Puma IFV.

This is coolbert:

Think of Puma is not a tank think of it rather as an infantry fighting vehicle [IFV] an armored personnel carrier with good cross country mobility that can carry troops to the site of the battle and then provide fire support on demand. But not a tank.

Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News DEC 22, 2022 story has seen at the Internet website "Zero Hedge".

"German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said this week that the country would not be purchasing any more Puma tanks until they prove their reliability..."

"Not a single one of Germany’s 18 modernized Puma tanks intended for the NATO Rapid Reaction Force (NRF) were deemed fit for action during a recent military drill, according to reports by German news outlet Der Spiegel"

See additionally this YouTube video the Puma fighting vehicle IFV:

"Why Puma IFV Failed its Combat Test"

"The German Army's Puma is known as the best Infantry Fighting Vehicle in the world while at the same time being plagued with development problems. Its an armored personnel carrier armed with a 30mm autocannon unmanned turret."

Puma has been in a constant state of research and development with modifications for a period of about 20 years now. Puma has been rated as best IFV in the world but it seems with a continuous series of teething problems what they are called.

You might well to surmise that these vehicles were prepared well in advance with crews knowing that this was going to be an evaluation of capabilities and readiness for future combat action perhaps with the Russians. Nonetheless the vehicles did not pass muster.

Pity the plight of the poor Bundeswehr. And to all this General Rommel would say exactly what?


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