Wednesday, December 14, 2022


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Biplanes the Ukrainian Conflict? Biplanes?

From a Mark Felton YouTube Internet production | Dec 13, 2022.

"Russia appears to be about to use a new secret weapon against Ukraine - but it's not a jet or missile, but rather a 75-year-old biplane transport plane. Find out the bizarre story here..."

An-2 Russian transport biplane aircraft used as a decoy during the early stages of the Ukraine conflict and as has been reported in a previous blog entry.

An-2 used as a decoy able to draw ground fire from Ukrainian ground-based air defense systems causing the latter to expend missiles in a futile manner against ancient but venerable warplanes.

My thought originally was at the An-2 was remotely fallen from the ground into contested airspace. Apparently this is not true. Much of the flight is done with the conventional human pilot at the controls, that individual only bailing out of the aircraft when he reaches a certain destination having placed the An-2 on autopilot for the remainder of the flight until destruction.


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