Sunday, December 4, 2022

Perekop II.

This is coolbert:

Isthmus of Perkop. Conclusion.

See this You Tube video. As it was in 1941 so will in be in 2022 or 2023?

"During World War II, the combined forces of German and Romanian troops under the command of Erich von Manstein entered Crimea through the Isthmus of Perekop. The battle of the isthmus lasted five days from 24 September 1941 before the isthmus was secured by the Axis forces. On October 27 the Axis forces advanced further into Crimea, leading to the Battle of Sevastopol."

"On September 24th, 1941, men of the German 11th Army began the offensive to break on the Crimean Peninsula through the narrow Isthmus of Perekop, the only land route which connects Crimea with the mainland. Attacking over the completely open terrain, without trees or vegetation against well-defended Soviet positions, the German troops find themselves in the battle in the conditions of the First World War. The two battles on Perekop Isthmus were only the beginning of a long and exhausting campaign that will culminate during the siege of Sevastopol."


* Terrain north of the isthmus barren, no cover. Troops exposed fully to defensive fire.

* No way around the isthmus other than frontal assault.

* Tatar Ditch as dug hundreds of years earlier as a defensive position still formidable as an obstacle when refurbished and improved.

* Capture of the isthmus by Ukrainian forces WILL indeed place the Russian in an unenviable position.

WILL such attack on the Perekop occur? A repetition of prior wars to include WW2? I am skeptical.


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