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"'We may eventually expand this to the rest of society, but we are starting with the military, because we take people 18 to 21 and we say: 'You have to serve your country by law. If something happens to you, we take good care of you, and if you die, we take good care of your parents and children,'. . . 'We now have the technology so that if you don’t have a child and want to leave one, we can give that to your wife or parents.'" - Zvi Hauser.

"Israel Extracting Sperm From Dead Soldiers and Using It to Create Children"

From www/ the story by Maggie Harrison • 

See very recent previous blog entry as apropos:

A bizarre trend is taking hold in Israel: the families of fallen soldiers are having their deceased loved ones' sperm harvested, with the hope of that one day the extracted sperm will be used to father a child.


"According to Bloomberg, a few dozen children have already been born this way. But there are reportedly hundreds of Israeli women volunteering to carry, and in some cases even help mother, these kids. And the Middle Eastern state's parliament passed preliminary legislation supporting the practice back in March, paving the way for an even more widespread phenomenon."

"Some countries have outlawed similar procedures, while US regulation varies between states. But as Bloomberg reports, most US frameworks for similar procedures are reserved for widows, not usually the dead men's parents. In Israel, by contrast, it's the parents of these young men that are fighting for their right to have grandchildren, which has [had] some folks raising their eyebrows."

In contrast to the situation in Russia [married mobilized soldiers] this does seem to be a situation of the Israeli parents of the an unmarried dead soldier wanting to have grandchildren. Not necessarily a procedure done for a wife now a widow.

Within some ethnicities such subjects as maintaining a family line are very important more so than in other societies or cultures!


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