Friday, December 16, 2022


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HEY! I had thought the advent of the anti-tank guided missile weapon had eliminated a need for such weaponry The direct fire anti-tank gun as was a popular weapon employed by all sides during the Second World War.

But no! Ukrainian is still employing such weaponry and now using in a mechanized form.

Soviet / Russian era direct fire anti-tank T-12 gun towed. T-12 popularly referred to by NATO soldiers during the Cold War as Pepper Pot.

See the short video of the T-12 in action:

According to the Soviet era  Suvorov there are distinct advantages to using a towed anti-tank gun rather than a self-propelled weapon system:

"1. A towed anti-tank gun is many times easier to manufacture and to use than one that is self-propelled."

"2. A towed gun has a very low silhouette, at least half that of a tank."

"3. Anti-tank guns are used in two situations. In defense, when the enemy has broken-through, is advancing fast and must be stopped at any price. And in an offensive when one's own troops have broken through and are advancing rapidly, and the enemy tries to cut through the spearhead at its base, with a flank attack."

Soviet / Russian commanders also favoring the anti-tank gun towed. In comparison to a self-propelled version gun crews when in combat having to adhere to an unwritten law of warfare.

Troops as manning and engaging an enemy tank attack not allowed any line of retreat. Cannot turn tail and run but rather must stand their ground with their guns and defend against all odds However grim!


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