Saturday, December 17, 2022


This is coolbert:

My friends a special milestone has been achieved regarding the number of blog entries in a single calendar year.

Numbers of blog entries for 2022 as exceeding by a multitude beyond what has previously existed in the past

Number of postings as of today has now exceeded 1,000 posts with a few more days in the month and the year left; productivity about 66% greater than anything else that existed in past years

As you can well understand a large percentage of these most recent blog entries are within the context of the Ukraine conflict between Russia and Ukraine

And I am of two minds regarding this!

I am grateful I have so much material as gist for blog entries

"gist: noun | the main point or part : ESSENCE"

All the while keeping in mind and as must be understood within context of the conflict that people soldiers and civilians alike in large numbers are dying in the process or suffering torment from activities of the war.

My feeble efforts and expertise to provide analysis regarding Ukraine conflict will continue with further posts and  commentary / discussions as best as I can determine it of a tactical / operational / strategic and grand strategic nature.

Additionally I must be quite frank with you and let devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing in a more casual manner that I have begun to have trouble with my right hand and am not able to type with the degree of accuracy and speed as I was previously able to.

I now find myself using what it's called dictation typing I speak into the computer the words typed out automatically as a text which I can copied and paste for a blog entry as is now.

Reading carefully the English text and the blog entry you might very well find the language is quite often slightly grammatically incorrect, stilted, incorrectly punctuated and seems to be automatically generated as by a machine which to a degree IS the case.

"stilted: adjective | Stiffly or artificially formal; stiff."

Please bear with me accordingly during this period of time when I can have healing and hopefully I will be able to return and able to type entries to the blog in the same fashion as I was able to do so in the past.

Continuing for a long time to come hopefully with blog entries of a free ranging nature sourcing eclectic.


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Get well! Great blog my friend!