Tuesday, December 6, 2022


This is coolbert:

Regarding the topic of a post as originally was dated 5 November 2022.

Blogger the host web site having denied the original entry due to unspecified guideline violations.

"Asia Fact Check Lab: Did NATO donate HIV-infected blood to Ukraine?"

Verdict: FALSE.

By Cynthia M., Asia Fact Check Lab 2022.11.19.

"During the past two weeks, a conspiracy theory alleging that NATO members had donated HIV and hepatitis-infected blood to Ukraine was originally posted and spread on Weibo by 'Guyan Muchan,' an influential account with more than 6 million followers." 

"Asia Fact Check Lab (AFCL) tracked down and confirmed the pro-Putin Telegram channel Breaking Mash as the disinformation’s source. Further inquiries by the Ukraine-based fact-checking organization StopFake caused the Ukrainian government to release a formal statement debunking the disinformation."

So now you got the rest of the story. Has been determined that this accusation of NATO nations sending infected blood product to he Ukraine demonstrably false.

It IS as I said previously: "it is not that I don't believe, it is that I don't WANT to believe".

All war is based on deception is a common phrase you often hear. More like downright deceit more than likely.


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