Thursday, December 29, 2022


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Yet one more blog post that must be categorized in a strange but true category.

"Russian troops able to freeze sperm for free - lawyer"

From BBC News the story by Paul Kirby.

"Russian soldiers called up to fight in Ukraine will have the chance to store frozen sperm in a cryobank for free, according to a leading Russian lawyer."

"Russian Union of Lawyers head Igor Trunov told state news agency Tass the health ministry had responded to his appeal for a free cryobank, and changes to compulsory medical insurance."

"Russia mobilized 300,000 reservists after a string of setbacks in Ukraine."

The Russian demographic in danger? Young married men, a portion of the contingent of recently mobilized Russian reservists now in danger of death, dismemberment or life-time crippling injury!

I am assuming this measure directed at that goodly portion of the mobilized reservists who are older and married men. Wives of such personnel killed in action or severely injured able to continue the family line by means of artificial insemination using the frozen sperm of their spouse.

I remember quite well that one of the first things Vlad Putin did many years ago now when assuming the Russian Presidency was to make every eighteen year old male in Russian report for a physical exam. Establish a data base and standard by which the Russian demographic could evaluated for health and also determine what percentage of young Russian men were deemed as fit for military service.


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