Saturday, December 31, 2022


This is coolbert:

From Russian controlled [?] media outlet RT and thanks to same.

"Russia beefs up strategic aviation (VIDEO)"

"One of the aircraft being introduced is considered 'the most important part' of the country’s nuclear triad"

"Russia beefs up strategic aviation (VIDEO)" ©  UAC

"Russia’s Long-Range Aviation has been boosted after receiving a modernized Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, while two Tu-160M planes have been submitted for flight tests, the state-run United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) announced on Friday."

Russian TU – 22M3 Backfire consider to be an intermediate range strategic bomber not a long range strategic bomber. It should also be noted that the Russians probably only have several dozens of these warplanes that have been taken out of mothballs, refurbished and are ready for combat. Consider these aircraft both to be a type of standoff delivery type weapon firing long-range missiles at targets.

That video shows a Russian Tu - 160 Blackjack bomber also brought out of mothballs at least as I can  determine, refurbished and now ready to join the Russian long range aviation strategic strike force.

See previous blog entries the air bases where Backfire and Blackjack stationed recently under attack by Ukrainian intelligence / surveillance / reconnaissance drones:


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Anonymous said...

Those Tu-160 are apparently brand new planes and not refurbished and retrofitted aircraft.