Monday, December 19, 2022


This is coolbert:

Once again the anger of Vlad waxes exceedingly hot! Russian tank in the mine clearing role itself destroyed by a mine! Add injury to insult! Humiliation something the Russian does not take lightly! 

"Putin Is Really Angry: Ukraine’s Mines Keep Killing Russian Tanks"

From | Story by Jack Buckby • © Provided by 1945.

"A video clip shared on Twitter this week offers a first-person look at how land mines impact Russian tanks."

"The video, which was shared by the popular war-tracking Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker, is recorded from the perspective of a tank operator as it drives along the edge of a field somewhere in Ukraine. The half-minute-long video shows a Russian T-72B tank driving, firing at a target, and hitting at least one Ukrainian land mine as it moves. The tank was not left completely destroyed, although 20 seconds into the video, the tank visibly drives over a mine and an explosion occurs. Dirt, rocks, and dust can be seen erupting around the vehicle and some parts of the tank are visibly damaged as a result. The tank stops immediately following the explosion, suggesting that the mine at the very least immobilized the vehicle temporarily."

Once once again see the tweet with embedded video. This destruction of a mine clearing tank is not supposed to occur.


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