Wednesday, March 2, 2022


This is coolbert:

Annie! NATO code name COLT!

An-2 enters the battle?

"draw out: verb - - To extract, bring out, as concealed information, elicit; educe.

From "The Aviationist" Internet web site.

"Satellite Photos Show Cold War Era Biplanes [An-2] on Seshcha Airbase Near Ukrainian Border."

"In a bizarre move that seems more at home in a Tom Clancy novel, Russia may be preparing to use antiquated Antonov An-2 biplanes, flying unmanned or as drones by remote control, in an effort to draw out Ukrainian air defenses and establish an electronic “order of battle” in preparation for a push into Kyiv."


“The An-2s have likely been converted to drones and could be used as decoys to simulate helicopter or UAV formations to draw out Ukraine’s air defenses." 

"Satellite reconnaissance photo of Russian Antonov An-2 biplanes parked on a taxiway at Seshcha Airbase in Russia just across the Ukrainian border. [a 3X increase in numbers since early February]


"The old but still capable Antonov An-2 biplane is well suited to this mission because of its large radar signature and low-speed flight characteristics combined with low cost (read: 'expendable'). The An-2, as old as it is in both technology and appearance, is a cost-effective alternative to modern remotely piloted airframes "

An-2 with some sort of adaptive control mechanism that allows the airplane to be flown remotely.

Present a tempting target for Ukrainian air defense. Shoot a missile and destroy a target relatively worthless in comparison to a modern warplane!

During the days of the Soviet Union Aeroflot boasted of having the largest airfleet in the world. Many of their civilian transport aircraft consisting of An-2!


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