Thursday, June 20, 2019


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More military news India thanks to WIZARD through Harry at Sharkhunters:

• "Russia has offered longer-range missiles to the Indian Air Force after the latter placed orders worth over $700 million for air-to-air missiles and guided missiles following the February Kashmir dogfight with Pakistan."

Presumably this is the Russian Vympel R-37 (NATO reporting name: Arrow) long-range air-air missile. Indian Air Force combat aircraft no longer needing to intrude into Pakistani airspace to engage warplanes they deem as hostile.

• "In 2016, the government [India] had decided to integrate the air-launched variant of the BrahMos, the world's fastest supersonic cruise missile, into over 40 Sukhoi fighter jets.  Weeks after the Balakot air strikes, the government decided to fast-track integration of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile on over 40 Sukhoi fighter jets, a closely guarded strategic project."

BrahMos a supersonic cruise missile of the most advanced design, even without peer. Obvious the Indian Air Force [IAF] wants to have a capability to strike at Pakistani targets in a stand-off mode, IAF warplanes not intruding into Pakistani airspace. Now a fast-track item.

• "Beretta'sVictrix Armaments .338 Lapua Magnum Scorpio-TGT sniper rifle, Elite units [Indian army]  deployed along the LoC [Line of Contact. Dividing Kashmir. Indian army on one side, Pakistani army on the other] have been given the new rifle Emergency purchase of Barrett M95.50 BMG and Beretta Scorpio TGT Victoria .338 Lapua Magnum . . . [negating a] Pak [Pakistani] advantage on LoC India now has superior sniper power than Pakistan."

That .338 Lapua Magnum analogous to a big-game hunting rifle designed to bring down a major-sized animal such as a buffalo, rhino, etc.

• "India has joined the elite bloc of nations like Russia, Germany, Italy, and France with endogenously built heavyweight torpedoes for its submarines and warships."

"endogenous - -  adjective. proceeding from within; derived internally"

These are evidently 650 mm [25 1/2 inch] size torpedoes carrying a warhead of extraordinary size. A single torpedo of such size able to sink an aircraft carrier. Similar to the Russian Type 65 torpedo. Heavyweight as describe considerably larger than the conventional 533 mm [21 inch] torpedo most submarines carry.


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