Saturday, June 15, 2019


This is coolbert:

As it was over seventy years ago as it will be again!

American military presence Galapagos islands. 

Thanks to the tip from Jay and the article from the English Independent courtesy Tom Embury-Dennis.

"Ecuador gives US military permission to use Galapagos island as airfield"

"Criticizing [the] agreement, former president says Pacific archipelago is 'not for gringo use'". Ecuador si, gringo no.

"Under a deal with Ecuador’s right-wing government, the Pentagon will use the tiny airport on San Cristobal island to 'fight drug trafficking'"

This will not be a permanent base? Patrol aircraft will be allowed merely landing and refueling rights? That is all?

Consider also as it was over seventy years ago:

"During World War II, the Galapagos Islands held a great secret: Base Beta – not-so-affectionately nicknamed 'The Rock' by U.S. military personnel. This was a U.S. military base, established to protect the western access of the Panama Canal."

Just landing and refueling rights! That is all?


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