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Again, back to the subject of the foo fighter. A spectral flying object of unknown origin, first [?] sighted by aviators during combat missions of World War Two. Objects having the appearance of a ball of fire or lightning, possessing an incredible speed and aerial agility and maneuverability.


Allied pilots thought them to be an Axis secret weapon.

Axis pilots thought them to an allied secret weapon.

Were seen both in the European and Pacific theater.

Since the end of the war [1945], have NOT BEEN SEEN?

Thanks to KTB Sharkhunters [], here are anecdotal accounts of encounters with a "foo fighter".

"'We were en route to a target. I don't remember which any more. As always, I was laying in the front section of the cockpit, navigating. Suddenly a flying object overtook us from behind. it was on the same course as we. It passed as about 200 meters underneath, at a speed of a cannon shell. In the dark I could see only a large ball of fire, moving horizontally. It got out of sight in about 5 seconds. We were flying at an altitude of about 3,000 m.'" - - Baron Georg von Zirk - - German Luftwaffe aviator from World War Two, describing an encounter with a "foo fighter" during a night mission, Middle Sector of the Russian Front - - 1944.

"Sightings of 'Foofighters' (or something lumped under that catch-all name) also occurred in the Pacific. The crew of a B-29 [American] bomber on its way from Ceylon, bombing Palembang, Sumatra had a sighting of an object keeping pace with them about 500 yards off the starboard wing; it was apparently spherical, 5-6 feet in diameter, bright red/orange, and seemed to vibrate. The object followed the bomber's evasive maneuvering, and kept pace with in for approximately 8 minutes. When it departed, it made and abrupt 90 degree turn and accelerated rapidly, disappearing into the clouds."

What are we to make of the "foo fighter" phenomenon? A secret weapon [of whom?] or a natural occurrence that defies rational scientific explanation? And that the spectral "aircraft" "went away" at the end of the war and have not been seen since makes no sense either?

The jury is out. Only conjecture and theory are available, even sixty years later? And that TRAINED OBSERVERS WERE SURPRISED AND ASTOUNDED MAKES THESE EXPERIENCES EVEN MORE AMAZING?


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