Saturday, December 16, 2017

Soumar I.

This is coolbert:

Yet again from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter:

That attack against the nuclear power plant [under construction] not carried out with a ballistic missile. Attack rather [if it did occur] by a cruise missile with rather formidable capability

"Has Iran given cruise missiles to Hizballah as well as Yemen's Houthis?"

For the week ending 15 December.

"Yemen's Houthi rebels last week showed video footage of Iran's most highly advanced Soumar Kh-55 cruise missile, which can carry a nuclear warhead on their TV channel, claiming to have fired it at the unfinished Abu Dhabi power plant on Dec.3"

Proxy forces and foreign interventionists also again a characteristic of the civil war in Yemen.

Soumar evidently an Iranian knock-off the deadly Soviet/Russian cruise missile Kh-55 [Kent-A].


This all has to be extremely worrisome to the Israeli. Big time so I might assume. Indeed, watch this one closely!


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