Friday, December 22, 2017

Land Battles.

This is coolbert:

Still continuing, one more list, with extracts and commentary from "The Reader's Companion to Military History."

"The Ten Most Important Land Battles."

* Chalons.  [European coalition/Huns]

* Hastings. [Norman/Saxon]

* Yorktown. [American/British]

* Waterloo.  [Seventh Coalition/French]

* Gettysburg.  [Union/Confederate]

* Marne.  [WW1]

* Khalkin-Gol.  [Soviet/Japanese]

* Battle of Britain. [[WW2]

* Stalingrad.  [WW2]

* D-Day.  [WW2]

NO Tours, Carrhae, Teutoburg Forest, Talas, Ain Jalut. Each as normally deemed a high-water mark from the persepective of military and world history both! NONE of which seen as worthy of inclusion?


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