Monday, December 18, 2017


This is coolbert:

WHO are U?

Status report German submarines. From Sharkhunters and Harry thanks to the tip from Larry:

U-31 has been out of service since 2014
U-32 experienced battery damage in July 2017
U-33 is in dock for maintenance
U-34 is in dock for repairs until January 2018;
* U-35 is back in the shipyards for repairs
U-36 was [just recently] commissioned . . . this year

How the mighty have fallen. See the previous blog entry the status of the German armor forces and you have seriously wonder what is going on and what this all about.

And also that question asked in the previous blog entry, did not the German inherit from the East German communist regime large quantities of military hardware, some of which could be still put to use??


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