Sunday, December 3, 2017

SCUD Houthi.

This is coolbert:

Consider this to have major potentialities if and when it is demonstrated to be true.

From a variety of sources:

"Houthis Under Pressure in Yemen as U.A.E. Denies Missile Claims"

* "Reported attack comes after Saleh breaks from Houthi coalition"
* "U.A.E. says air defense strong enough to withstand threats"

"Yemen’s Houthi rebels, bruised by the defection of their powerful ally, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said they fired a ballistic missile at a nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi, but the United Arab Emirates denied the show of force ever happened."

My comments:

* A weapon of mass destruction aimed at a point target [nuclear power plant] a direct hit the result would have been catastrophic!

* A SCUD or a variety of the SCUD ballistic missile in this case?

* A SCUD or a variety of the SCUD perhaps launched not by the Houthi rebels but rather by Iranian personnel or Hezbollah proxy experts?

SCUD as a weapon of war designed to deliver a warhead against an area target and not a point target. Advanced versions of SCUD with a properly designed warhead with electro-optic guidance could hit a nuclear power plant [point target] directly? Of this I am not sure.

"A point target is: A target of such small dimension that it requires the accurate placement of ordnance in order to neutralize or destroy it."

Just a threat against a nuclear power plant alone or an attack if if 100 % inconsequential can be effective?

Watch this closely!

P.S.: That nuclear power plant under construction and not on-line. Fissionable material not loaded or having gone "hot" yet.


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