Friday, December 8, 2017

F-35 ICBM.

This is coolbert:

My instantaneous response to this headline was that this was ASAT. But NO, I am wrong.

F-35 able to intercept and shoot down a North Korean [NK] ICBM? YES, but only in an indirect manner, aid, abet and assist THAAD.

"Experiment shows F-35s could help intercept North Korean ICBMs, report says"

Thanks in totality to the article by Edmund DeMarche | Fox News

"A 2014 test provided evidence that the U.S.’ F-35 fighter jet could prove to be a viable weapon against the threat of a North Korean-launched ballistic missile, reports said."

"The high-tech F-35's sensors could help other missile-defense equipment track and destroy an intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Korea."

Sensor on-board the F-35 detecting the launch and boost phase of a  NK ICBM. Track as the missile begins the boost phase. A data link from the F-35 to the THAAD firing battery providing updated info allowing for more correct assessment of the flight path and trajectory of the missile. Supplements that radar organic to THAAD and allowing for an intercept and destruction while the missile still in [??] the atmosphere [or exo-atmosphere] and most vulnerable.

Makes sense. And has been tested to some extent? Or at least an experiment? A little bit of forethought can go a long way.


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