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Yet once more a list of interest as seen at the: "The Reader's Companion to Military History".

 “Several dozen people were herded like sheep or goats. Any who lagged were flogged or killed outright. The women were bound together at the necks with a heavy rope—strung one to another like pearls. Stumbling with each step, they were covered with mud. Babies lay everywhere on the ground. The organs of those trampled like turf under horses' hooves or people's feet were smeared in the dirt, and the crying of those still alive filled the whole outdoors. Every gutter or pond we passed was stacked with corpses, pillowing each others arms and legs. Their blood had flowed into the water, and the combination of green and red was producing a spectrum of colors. The canals, too, had been filled to level with dead bodies." - - Wang Xiuchu.

Here with another extract with commentary

"The Ten Greatest Sieges."

As listed by Geoffrey Parker.

* Jericho by the Israelites.

* Troy by the Greeks.

* Constantinople by the Turk.

* Tenochtitlan by the Spanish.

* Yang-chou by the Manchu.

* Vicksburg. [by the Union]

* Verdun. [Germans/French]

* Leningrad. [Soviets/Germans]

* Stalingrad. [Soviets/Germans]

* Dien Bien Phu. [French/Vietnamese]

Wang Xiuchu describing the aftermath and vengeance of the Manchu at Yang-chou. 

Prolonged sieges often resulting in atrocity. Jerusalem, Magdeburg, Nanking. Resistance is futile!! Understand and obey!


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