Tuesday, August 1, 2017


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The hydra-headed monster?

Marawi and the battle for control of the city of far greater significance that we realize? Hardly a conflict as confined to the Philippines? Marawi as it transpires now assuming proportions of global geo-strategic importance.

"These terrorists [with the Maute and Abu Sayyaf groups] are using combat tactics that we've seen in the Middle East… it's the first time [Daesh]-inspired forces have banded together to fight on this kind of scale in this region," - - American Admiral Harry Harris.

"'Marawi Should Be a Wake-Up Call' USPACOM Head Warns of Daesh Migration to Asia"

From Sputnik the original article © REUTERS/ Romeo Ranoco

PACOM = Pacific Command. Daesh = Islamic State.

"Though Daesh is slowly being crushed in the Middle East, the fight against the terrorist group and its ideology is not over: it's just moving to the Pacific, the head of US forces in the Pacific said Friday."

The battle for Mosul over. The battle for Raqqa under way. That perception is that the Islamic State on the ropes and on-the-way out once and for all! So is the belief in some quarters I am sure. NOT a done-deal as of yet but close?

If and when the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria destroyed a new Caliphate will emerge? The Moro of the southern Philippines will control a contiguous territory which will become a rallying point for jihadists of the Salafist persuasion the world-over?


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