Monday, August 14, 2017


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Here too with more instances of continued Turkish indigenous weapons design, development, construction. Self-sufficiency to the greatest degree possible the goal. And to a certain degree already the goal met.

1. Attack helicopter T129.

The TAI/AgustaWestland T129 is a twin-engine, tandem seat, multi-role, all-weather attack helicopter based on the Agusta A129 Mangusta platform. The T129 was developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), with AgustaWestland as the primary partner. The helicopter is designed for advanced attack and reconnaissance in hot and high environments and rough geography in both day and night conditions."

"The ATAK programme was begun to meet the Turkish Armed Forces' requirements for an attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter. The T129 is the result of the integration of Turkish developed high-tech avionics, air-frame modifications, and weapon systems onto the combat proven AgustaWestland A129 airframe, with upgraded engines, transmission and rotor blades."

2. UMTAS anti-tank guided-missile.

"Turkey’s indigenous helicopter to be equipped with locally-made missiles"

"Turkey’s new locally-built advanced attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter ATAK will be equipped with UMTAS, a long range air-to-surface anti-tank missile developed by Turkey’s ROKETSAN"

ROCKETSAN a very going concern with addition product already fielded and going by the names of CİRİT, SOM, TEBER. Read it all here.


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