Wednesday, August 9, 2017


This is coolbert:

It is often suggested that the British during that period of the Great Depression and in those years prior to the Second World War were more or less oblivious to the threat as posed by a resurgent and modern German military and the aggressive intentions of the Nazi regime. "Slept" is the word normally associated with England in that era between the World Wars!

That perception being that the English took few if any measures to provide a robust military force to counter the threat of German mechanized might. This is not so!

"Driven — Britain’s Campaign to Build a Mechanized Fighting Force to Match Hitler’s Panzers"

"In November 1934, the British government, alarmed by Berlin’s rapid rearmament program, authorized the creation of a centre for army mechanization. It was to be located at Chilwell, near Nottingham in the English midlands."

"It further set up a reserve force made up of motor industry professionals and other suitably qualified people so as to be ready in the event of war."

"In November 1933, with the arrival of Hitler and massive German rearmament, the cabinet authorized the Defense Requirements Committee to examine Britain’s defenses. After eight months of interminable wrangling and arguments, the cabinet finally agreed on the sum of seventy-one million pounds over the next five years to repair the defense deficiencies"

71 million pounds in today's money equal to about $ 8 BILLION dollars [USD].

That for tank and various mechanized development alone!!


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