Friday, August 11, 2017

Von Forstner II.

This is coolbert:

Concluding with the combat patrol of the German submarine U-28 during the Great War and the alleged encounter with a sea monster.

First the family Von Forstner of noble rank and military men noted for their contributions to either the Prussian or German cause.

Second and as described an investigation into the incident as was reported and the subject of  a You Tube video:

"The Case of the U-28 Creature"

Finally from the Librivox Internet web site I highly recommend this reading of the Von Forster journal, war time patrols, a "graphic account" perhaps that most perfect example of a war journal an account of submarine warfare by any combatant of any nation during any war.

"The Journal of Submarine Commander Von Forstner

By George-Gunther Freiherr von Forstner.

As read by Sue Anderson and all thanks to Librivox and Sue.

"The Journal of Submarine Commander Von Forstner is a graphic account of WWI submarine warfare. Forstner was the commander of German U-boat U-28. His journal, first published 1916, gives a gritty picture of daily life inside a submarine and details several torpedo attacks on Allied shipping."

It should be noted that NOWHERE in the journal of Captain Von Forster is a mention made of the encounter with the "sea monster".

Let the devoted reader to the blog judge for themselves and at their own conclusions to the "sea monster" incident!


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