Saturday, August 12, 2017


This is coolbert:

Beqaa also sometimes spelled as Bekaa.

Concluding with extracts from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter:

"US-British airlifts bring arms to Lebanese army fighting ISIS"

9 Aug.

"At least five US and British air force freighters have landed at the Lebanese military air base at Riyaq in the eastern Beqaa Valley in the last few days . . . they are delivering anti-tank rockets and artillery ammo for the Lebanese army which is battling ISIS elements that have infiltrated the the northern Beqaa Valley through the Syrian border."

The Islamic State moves west? And into what has historically been the strong-hold of Hezbollah?

Offensive action of this sort unexpected and hardly what you see as a probable or possible from an adversary beaten and on-the-ropes as they say!


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