Thursday, August 17, 2017


This is coolbert:

First Doklam now Ladakh.

Now rocks. Tomorrow AK?

From The Times of India as seen at Freeper:

"Scuffle between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh as two incursion bids by PLA foiled"

PLA = People's Liberation Army. [China].

"Highlights. PLA soldiers tried to enter the Indian side in two areas -- Finger Four and Finger Five -- twice on Tuesday morning. Personnel from both sides received some injuries in stone-pelting. The rival troops pulled back from the confrontation site after banner drills to defuse the situation NEW DELHI: A major scuffle, which included stone-pelting, took place between Indian and Chinese soldiers along the Line of Actual Control at eastern Ladakh in the western sector on Tuesday even as the tense troop stand-off in Doklam area in the eastern sector remains locked in a stalemate."

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