Friday, August 18, 2017

Electricity II.

This is coolbert:

Also during that period of the Second World War electrical producing facilities of the Soviet Soviet perceived as highly susceptible to attack !  The German having understood this and conceived of Eisenhammer!

"Operation Eisenhammer was a planned [German] strategic bombing operation against power generators near Moscow and Gorky in the Soviet Union"

"A bombing raid was to destroy twelve turbines in water and steam power-plants near Moscow, Gorky, Tula, Stalinogorsk and under the Rybinsk Reservoir, as well as to attack certain substations, transmission lines and factories. If the attack were to succeed in destroying just two-thirds of the turbines it would have knocked out about 75 percent of the power used by the Soviet defence industry"

That mission if executed the warplane and payload to attack the turbines and power stations called Mistel. A contraption that never did see use!

A Mistel. Fw-190 manned on top. Ju-88 unmanned underneath. That nose cone of the Ju-88 the foremost point of an enormous shaped charge. Mistel flown to the target, the Ju-88 aimed and released at the last possible moment the pilot of the Fw-190 hoping to make an escape before detonation. That shaped charge the meat and potatoes and tip of the spear.

The idea was sound but nonetheless the deed never done! Would it have even worked? That shaped charge reputed to be the largest shaped charge ever made!


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