Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This is coolbert:

Consider this blog entry to be borderline relevant but in light of the continuing crisis involving North Korean missiles and nuclear weapons pertinent.

GOOD = Get Out Of Dodge.

That article by Ned Barnett and Dianne Bilderback courtesy of American Thinker.

"Surviving the North Korean Nuclear Threat"

"If you have to Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD), you’ll need the following items"

*   "A 72-hour survival kit"
*   " A reliable car"
*    "An evacuation destination --"
*    "Self-defense weapons --"

Further considerations in addition to the GOOD kit:

a. "Self-defense."
b. "a source of potable water"
d. "Batteries, solar cells, or other sources of electricity"
e. "A first-aid kit"
f. "Sanitary supplies"

Solar-powered landscape light and excellent source for indoor lighting. Charge outside during daylight, take inside for illumination during hours of darkness.

Those of you interested further in the subject see these Internet web sites that sell kits and supplies for DOOMSDAY:

"Doomsday Prep: Prepper Gear, Bug Out Bags, and Prepper Supplies"

"Survival Gear | Emergency Survival Supplies ... - US Prepper Gear"

"US Prepper Gear: Survival Gear - Medical Supplies - Bug Out Bag"

"What's New · ‎US Military · ‎Stoves/Cookware · ‎Food
Doomsday Preppers - Survival Supplies"

At a minimum prepare and have ready what is called a "bug-out" bag!


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