Monday, August 28, 2017


This is coolbert:

Herewith some details as alleged of the latest North Korean missile launch.

NOT necessarily a missile as that word missile understood.

Rather a form of long-range rocket artillery. Analogous to the American HIMARS so it seems.

Thanks to the article by Harry J. Kazianis key points as extracted.

"North Korea likely tested a weapon that could start a Second Korean War"

"What is concerning, however, is that the system that was potentially tested, according to reports in South Korean media, was one of North Korea’s more advanced missile systems, a 300-mm [12 inch] artillery rocket launching platform, commonly referred to as the KN-09"

"The system, per the Center for Strategic and International Studies, has a range of 190km [118 miles], carrying a total of eight rockets in two pods of four launchers. These deadly weapons sit on a mobile truck, making them mobile and harder to destroy in a conflict."

Read further as to the characteristics and capabilities of the KN-09:

As to the accuracy of this weapon over long-range and guidance system this is unclear. More than anything else, this is a terror weapon?


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